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The New and Improved

Serving North American travelers for more than 75 years, Rail Europe has launched a new online travel booking site, allowing American customers to begin their European travel experience online before they even pack their bags.

Rail Europe’s President and CEO Frederic Langlois, says, “The new site architecture was designed to answer the needs of all types of travelers, from ultra-organized planners, to travel romantics and the completely uninformed. Armed with the insight that our customers actually enjoy the experience of planning their own trips, the new aims to make booking more of a pleasure than a pain.”

Upgraded Functionality’s sophisticated new booking functions allow for planning either single-destination or multi-stop travel itineraries throughout Europe, in all classes of rail service. Also, the technology generates tips and recommendations on how to save money, or when a rail pass might offer superior value to the traveler.

In partnership with travel guide publisher Frommer’s, the new website contains extensive information on travel destinations throughout the European continent, including suggestions on what to do and what to see in all the countries within Rail Europe’s network. In addition to travel guides, offers a number of exclusive deals and packages, including special itineraries, wine pairings and tours.

The Talgo

Video content and an extensive gallery of photos allow travelers to preview trains, routes and destinations in advance of setting off on their journey. Visual materials showcase on-board amenities including restaurant cars and accommodations.

With 45% of Rail Europe’s U.S. business generated via direct-to-consumer sales, and over 86% of those customers using the web to book their travel, Rail Europe’s site is designed to offer state-of-the-art online functionality that makes planning a trip part of the travel experience.

About Rail Europe

Established in 1932, Rail Europe is the largest distributor of European rail products in North America, encouraging travelers to make train travel a part of their European travel experience.

For more information or to book any of Rail Europe’s range of railpasses and point-to-point tickets on trains throughout Europe and the U.K., consult a travel agent or log on to Rail Europe’s web site, or call Rail Europe at 1-888-382-7245 (U.S.) or 1-800-361-7245 (Canada).

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