Switzerland's Cheese Train


Discovering the Dordogne

Aurora Borealis over Trondheim Fjord
This photo of the Aurora Borealis was taken over the Trondheim Fjord in central Norway. Atmospheric conditions have been producing fantastic light shows like this one over the city of Trondheim, a center for foodies because of its large concentration of quality producers of fish and meat. In Trondheim's compact city center, just about everything is within walking distance, and there are dozens of small cozy hotels. Oyvind Schei/My Magical Moments (Facebook)

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Apple Wine

Starbucks serves Swiss rails

Austrian Airlines flies to Chicago

Hiking Lake Lucerne

Manchester, UK

York, UK

Rails to a European Holiday

Downton Abbey

Rudy Maxa

Lake District National Park

Swiss Transport Museum

Valencia's Silk Exchange

German Cathedrals

Dirndls of Austria

Leipzig on a Platter

Le Meridien Parkhotel

Belgian waffles

Fresh food in European markets

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