Magdeburg on the Elbe River

Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland
This June will see the official inaugural opening in Switzerland of the Gotthard Base Tunnel. At 25 miles long, it becomes the longest train tunnel in the world. In 20 minutes passengers can travel this fast flat-track route from north to south under the Alpine massif in the heart of Europe.

German AsparagusGuten Appetit!
Asparagus growing has a long tradition in lower Saxony, Germany. The trail known as the Lower Saxony Asparagus Route links major asparagus-growing areas such as Burgdorf, Nienburg, Braunschweig and Gifhorn, and the asparagus museum in Nienburg is dedicated to this seasonal vegetable, served from the end of April to the end of June, usually with potatoes, ham and hollandaise sauce.

Algeciras, Spain


Innsbruck, Austria

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Festive Fun in York, England

European Christmas Markets

Phil Rosenthal

Phil Rosenthal on PBS

Discover Saxony's Wine Route

Beer in Austria

Historic Erfurt, Germany

Enjoying the Riverbanks of Burgundy

007 Walk of Fame
The "007 Walk of Fame" opened in July 2015 on the Schilthorn in Switzerland and commemorates the making of the movie "On Her Majesty's Secret Service." The trail begins at the Schilthorn's Piz Gloria and contains several steel pillars that have personal statements from characters in the film or their handprints imprinted on them. There are also benches to allow visitors to relax while on the walk. Some famous names included on the pillars are lead actor George Lazenby (James Bond), supporting actress Diana Rigg (Tracy), cameraman Willy Bogner and skiing legend Bernhard Russi. More names will be added to the Walk of Fame at a later date, including the first Bond Girl Ursula Andress and director Marc Foster. Schilthorn Cableway

Edinburgh Castles

River and Rail trip to Christkindlmarkts

Christmas Markets

Famous British locations made popular in film and TV

lGermany's Wine Festivals

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Europe holds so much promise for a fun vacation, an exciting getaway, or an in-depth look at different cultures. If you've not traveled to Europe before, you'll want to check out the possibilities. And there are many.

You can see so many historical attractions that hundreds of books have been written just on the monuments, castles, fortresses, towns and cities, and ruling families through the years. If you just want to take a vacation, you can relax at one of the large metropolitan hotels and see the sights of a city like Vienna, Berlin, London or Madrid. If you like excitement, you can motorcycle through the Alps, have fun whitewater rafting down a river, or hike to the top of many of Europe's highest peaks.

With so many countries in Europe so close to one another, you can travel from country to country in a few hours, and think of the different cultures that exist in Europe that you can experience.

You can expect a lot from traveling to Europe. Tasting the foods and wines, and meeting the people are other reasons to go.

At European Traveler, we're trying to bring you a little taste of Europe so you can plan better before you go. We cover foods, lodging, travel and attractions and more. I hope you enjoy the detailed stories and spectacular photos of Europe we present.

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Liverpool, England

Tshoban Foundation


Meissen, Germany

Bingen, Germany

Jeff Wilson

Jeff Wilson Rail Adventures

If you like trains, you will like this new series by host Jeff Wilson; Wilson fits the bill perfectly for "Real Rail Adventures." He is a lifelong traveler and an avid train buff. He has hosted national "how-to" TV programs for more than a decade. An enduring fan of steam locomotives, Jeff’s transportation of choice is the train, and he’s perfected his travel skills exploring Europe by train. For a brief introduction to his new series, go to


Munich Beer Gardens

Oxford Eats

European Flea Markets

Black Forest

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Germany's Wine Festivals

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